Get Solavei Promotional Cards - Postcards, Oversized High Impact Handouts

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These Oversized Postcard Size Solavei Promotional materials make for a perfect handout and flyer. These high impact designs were created by Solavei and can be customized with your own contact information.

They are 100lb Gloss Stock and make for an impressive impression. Utilize these as handouts or post in bulletin boards and retail locations.

They can also be designed as double sided cards for local mailing. Ask us about the Every Door Direct program where we cab help you reach your entire city for much less than you imagine!

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Order Solavei Postcards and Other Solavei Marketing Materials

Get Solavei Promotional Flyers

Get Solavei Promotional Flyers

We are happy to announce we can now provide your Solavei Business with High Quality, Full Color, Impressive, Customized Printed Flyers.

Select from 6 Different Solavei Created Designs, We will customize and add your contact information. They can then be printed and sent to your door in as little as 3 days!

If you are serious about completing your trios and gaining an early lead in your market, you will be making a positive and aggressive effort to make a strong presence.

These Flyers are printed on 100# High Gloss Stock.

They are a very visible 8.5" x 11" format.

They are created to stand out and get attention.

Prices start as low as $49 for 50 High Quality Flyers.

Full Pricing, Gallery and Solavei order form here:

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Custom Solavei Business Cards

Custom Solavei Website Design

2012 Solavei Business Card Gallery

Just a selection of Solavei Business Cards we have created, choose from an existing design or make your custom design. We will provide the personal touch and style that will make you stand out.

Creating an email marketing campaign for your Solavei Business

How did you first get involved with Solavei? Were you somehow interested by an online advertisement, a craigslist ad, a post from a friend?

How were you converted from an interested individual to a member and now provider of Solavei products?

If you were like many of us, it involved a few interest emails and being directed towards a webinar series.

This is a pretty standard method for converting new people from being simple browsers to turning into actual customers.

eMail Marketing is popular because it is popular and allows you to easily market to and convert mass numbers of leads. Being able to automate and organize your promotional efforts in an easy and streamlined manner is what makes the difference between hacking by and struggling for every conversion and real landslide success.
Creating an email list and beginning your marketing efforts is very easy and I have to smile when I see individuals attempting to do without - hasty messages scrawled from their phones and general emails that dont really address where I am as a customer.

These are the type of things that give your business an unprofessional appearance and drive away prospective clients.

You see, proper email marketing systems are very affordable and very easy to manage. You can "segment" you lists which will allow you to send off your marketing materials to prospects that are actually targetted to how you developed the lead and where they are in the conversion process (from lead to member)

Solavei may be new, but converting leads to paying member status has been the backbone of commerce online for a very long time. Solavei is easier to market than most products as it is easy to understand, very cost effective and comes with a very energetic community.

If you want to get a headstart on the other Solavei members in your region you would do well to immediately create a professional appearance via a Solavei Branded Website and Solavei Business Cards which you can use as tools to start developing your mailing list, conversions and getting those Trio's before everyone else! A successful Soalvei rep can make as much as 20k a month with the right drive and access to a sufficient market. Anyone with a computer and a well positioned website can access the entire national market of potential Solavei clients.

How to get started with developing a Mailing List for your Solavei Business
This Free Test Drive by the leading email list, newsletter and marketing service: Aweber will walk you through and show you how easy it is to utilize this proven tool.

"The Money Is In The List"

AWeber proves it to thousands of businesses every day.

Learn how email marketing software
can get you more sales, too.

Get your Solavei Website Designed and Installed

Once you are on your feet starting to promote your new Solavei Business, all of your very first steps should go towards creating your very own Professional spaces and marketing materials under the Solavei brand guidelines.

Solavei is a new service and it is up to you to present the opportunity in a professional and appropriate manner.

This is going to be a very much of "early bird gets the worm" opportunity. The price point on the Solavei service is outstanding and anyone with any knowledge of traditional cell phone rates with be happy to join!

But, they also have to be impressed with your professionalism, knowledge and appearance.

Having a strong and clean web presence is going to be essential.

Solavei provides an excellent choice between a a single page landing page or a multipage site.

You simply need to buy a hosting plan, purchase a domain name and install wordpress and then install and configure the Solavei theme.

The one page lander looks like this:

It is well designed and proven to convert, It has integrated contact forms, follows brand guidelines and includes the important information about Solavei that will help you turn leads into customers.

I said, simply .... but that may have been gibberish to you.

So in plain english:

To get started and to do it yourself you will need a minimum of 3 things.

Buy Your Solavei Domain Name for your Solavei Website

1. A Domain Name - i.e.

This is the address on the internet you send your customers to by giving them Solavei Business cards with your address on it, using it in your email signatures, adding it to Solavei brochures and printed marketed materials, or even just saying it to them.

That is important - you want to pick something that you can easily say to people.

We call this "the radio rule" - you need a name that can be easily spelled, isnt too long and makes sense for the cell service business and what makes Solavei  special.

When this post was drafted both, and were available.

Those are the type of easy descriptive Domain names you need.

Domains cost around $10-$15 per year and you have to buy them from a Domain Registrar.

The process is easy.

The top choices for buying a domain that have good customer service and competitive rates are:


Namecheap is a great provider because they offer something called "Domain Privacy" for free. This means your contact information isnt available to whoever wants to look it up. So, if you don't publicize your home address and you don't have a business address, it can be kept secret for free. Any domain provider can sell you domain privacy, but it is usually a $10 a year charge. The domain from Namecheap will be $10.69 a year for a .com , it is ok if the name you pick ends up being a .net, a .org or .us , the prices vary a bit. But, they will all work. Your customers tend to be most familiar with .com's though.

An alternate resource for domain purchases is Godaddy, they are the worlds largest provider of domains.

You can get a domain from them right now with this special coupon code link  ----> GoDaddy $5.99 domain . They do not offer free domain privacy.

The registration process takes about ten minutes - Do NOT say yes to any upsells - you dont need anything but the domain from them - say no to any and all upsells. You can purchase 2 years at a time if you want though if you are committed to your business.

If this sounds a little complicated for you - you can use a Managed Domain Buy Program like the one offered by iHostPress (A Wordpress services and Hosting Provider) they also have a tool on their page that will help you search for domain names.

Your next step towards setting up your Solavei Website is getting a Hosting account.


Buy a Hosting Account for your Solavei Website

A website needs to be hosted somewhere. A Host is a computer that holds your website information and makes it publicly available so people across the nation and world can find it.

Hosting costs around $5-$10 a month. You can save some money by paying for your year of hosting upfront.

The top provider of Wordpress Hosting that has the best customer service is HostGator. HostGator has one click installs of the Wordpress software you will need and has 24 hour chat and phone support. No one comes close to that at this price point.

HostGator currently offers a plan that will fit your needs for a Solavei Website at 20% off which equals $5.56 as month.

Solavei also recommends the following almost as popular and almost as good providers:

BlueHost - There plans start at $6.95 a month and they use the same system as HostGator to install WordPress.

DreamHost - There plans start at $8.95 a month and they can also install WordPress but they do not have the same super easy system to install it as BlueHost and HostGator

Connect your new Solavei domain to your Hosting Account

This step is easy and all of the above providers will have an easy tutorial to assist you in the process.

Install Wordpress for your Solavei Website

HostGator and BlueHost have a one click installer under the option of "Fantastico" you can also call  or chat with tech support with either and they will walk you through.

Alternately, you can hire a professional to so the site install for you - Sunforged Wordpress Services - $25 site install

Install and customize your Solavei Wordpress Theme

There is a great amount of information out there on "How to install a Wordpress theme" it is very intuitive and it is the number one site management software in the world. Its easy to get help and not that hard to figure out.

After installing the theme, a few quick settings and forms filled out within your Wordpress dashboard and you will have your very own Solavei website spending only about an hours time setting it up and investing as little as $20 in your first month with a recurring monthly fee of $6-$10!

Not too bad!

If that still sounds like a headache, you may want to consider our custom Solavei Website installation and Design service. After all, your business is supposed to be about getting new clients not learning web design!!!

We offer a complete package where we will work with you to select a domain name, purchase and register the domain for you (in your name) , provide 1 years Hosting service, connect your domain to your hosting service, install and configure wordpress, work with you to customize your new Solavei wordpress theme AND give you a professional email adddress to use for your marketing.

You can purchase that package here, most clients have their new website live in under 6 hours!

(There is a Design Queue - So first come, first served)

Get Solavei Business Cards

Im proud to announce that we are offering business card printing and design services for Solavei Marketers. We can meet and exceed just about any advertised price and can handle all the technical requirements necessary to stay within the required brand guidelines. We can create a card package that fits any start-up budget and assist you in further print development projects for marketing your Solavei Business

 You can go ahead and order your Business cards directly through our easy web form , or you can also call to discuss any specific details.

 Order your Solavei Business cards here